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hair party

Party Plan

When you host guests at your home for a Ruutos Hair Party, you have a chance to educate your guests about the Ruutos product range and Ruutos business opportunity.

As the host or hostess, you would receive the following:

  • A personalized hair care session with the Associate whom you booked the hair party.
  • A 10% discount voucher when two (2) or more of your guests BOOK and HOST their own Hair Party.
  • Have a minimum party sale of R 1000

The host or hostess enjoys support from his/her upline Associate if they feel that they need help in setting up the hair party and/or during the presentation.

We want you to join in and host a hair party for your family and friends. It's the perfect way to learn more about Ruutos opportunities.

Earn new sales and sponsor new Associates into your business.

Host A Hair Party Today