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We offer the perfect career opportunity for anyone who wants to make a difference in their lives & have the flexibility to spend time with loved ones. With Ruutos you are your own boss, and part of a team all at once. You set your schedule, and create connections to a dynamic leadership team, new friends and extended family.

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Here are our 10 Reasons why we believe our Business is the Best Business for Individuals

  • You elevate your current financial position.
  • You receive all the benefits of traditional business ownership without the typical risks.
  • You have a flexible schedule and more freedom to do the things you never seem to have enough time to do.
  • You are your own boss.
  • You work when you feel like working.
  • You get to spend a lot more time with the people who are important to you.
  • You will touch many lives. There are so many people struggling in this world today. You can encourage their dreams and give them hope.
  • You meet the most amazing people. You'll never find a more passionate group of entrepreneurs in any other profession.
  • You earn residual monthly income as you sponsor new Associates into your network.
  • You can become financially free.

Getting Started

Step 1 Purchase a business starter kit for your Ruutos Independent Associate
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Step 2 Become an Associate by completing and submitting a Ruutos Independent application form – Earn retail profit as you buy Ruutos products at wholesale prices and sell at suggested retail prices
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Step 3 Become a Team Leader- you qualify to earn up to 10% commissions on all purchases made by your downline, 3 levels deep into your organization
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Step 4 Become a Star Team Leader- You qualify to earn up to 5% bonus on all purchases made by your downline.
RETAIL PROFIT All Associates earn 25% discount on current selling prices. The more customers you sell to, the more your retail profit. Example if a product cost is R100 and if the same product was sold for R150, you earn R 50 as your retail profit
COMMISSION Associates have to be ACTIVE to earn commissions on their downline Associate's sales volume. To be Active, Associates are required to accumulate a minimum of 1000pv points every month.
BONUS Associates have to be active and their downline Associates must generate specific volume points according to certain criteria in order to earn a bonus.

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